Last night, I was still cool

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Last night, I was still cool

Postby ylq » Jan 12th, '19, 05:27

Last night, I was still cool (k��) hot (��o), woke up this morning, pushed open the window, and a cool breeze came in. I suddenly found out that the tree in front of the window had lost a lot of leaves. "It��s autumn, the weather is cold, and you can��t wear shorthe saying goes, "One leaf knows autumn", the leaves fall, meaning autumn is here. The leaves are so quietly telling the story of the season in their own body language.
Spring is coming, the leaves are the first to put their new green on bare branches, that is the color of hope. The children quickly took off the thick cotton jacket (��o) and jumped to play. The river flows down and conveys the message of the recovery of all things.the summer, the leaves stretch out their postures every day, and the trees are covered with thick green clothes. Trees grow fastest in the summer, and the leaves are indispensable. It uses photosynthesis to transport the necessary nutrients to the trees along with the roots. How strong the ultraviolet rays in summer are, the leaves are silent (k��n��), silently enduring the �� (zh��) roasting, inhaling carbon dioxide, spitting outhe autumn wind of the s�� is blowing, and the earth sings the song of harvest. The leaves have completed their mission Carton Of Marlboro Reds Free Shipping, quietly and silently falling from the tree, hovering and falling. It does not care for the branches, nor worry (l��) fate, turn into spring mud, and closelys! Your splendid life will not end with the fall, because the seeds of Yin (y��n) haveructor Li Xiaohongs an article praising the leaves. The author has written the changes from the weather, reminiscent of the "life" of the leaves: spring brings hope, summer supplies nourishment, cool, and autumn turns into spring mud. Highly praised the spirit of the leaves, obscurity and selfless dedication. Although the article is taken from the usual Newport Cigs Cheap, it reflects the author's unique perception and understanding of the things around him. The "38th line" that I said this time does not mean the sacred and inviolable white line on the national border, but the one in the middle of the desk is painted with correction fluid. Let me listen to the story of the white line. fifth grade, because the same table was a girl, there was no story of the "38th line". It��s just now in the sixth grade, and the same table has been replaced by a male student Carton Sale On Newports.orning of the first day with him, I learned that he was a stingy boy. In the afternoon, I was amazed to find out his correction fluid. The pen is not awkward! He is not jealous, what about me? It has also been embarrassed, the old habits are difficult to change - super line! "God! My clothes Discount Newport 100S Cigarettes." With a scream, the anger in my heart came to life, but because it was the first day of the same table, plus many new students, I don't want to be considered "strong" by others. "Taro", so I still resisted it later, but my clothes can be "broken", took the toilet paper from the bag and wiped the pen ink on the table. Although I didn't say anernoon of the next day, the second class started soon. The opportunity finally came. I saw him holding a table tennis bat in his hand. He was sweaty and had no sense of precaution. He only sweated with one heart and one mind. Holding a red pen, so I took a pen in the right hand and made a strong stroke in the air. There was a beautiful arc in the air. At the same time, I took four drops of red ink, and I fell on his face. Three drops ran. On him. "Oh! I am really sorry, I didn't mean it!" I said falsely. But he is not a good dealr, just take out the blue pen to fight back. OMG! I am really looking for bitterness. When I got home, I complained to my mother. I didn��t expect my mother not to help me, but also severely critg of the third day, I don��t know why, there is a small hole in the table, and there is a blue pen ink in the hole. I know that he is calculating me again. I have to be careful By Newport 100. I didn��t think that the hole was not sitting. The former classmates found that I suddenly saw it. When I saw it, I said, "Let's raise your arm and see, he got it." I know, my sentenc of time,ys b between us will one day disappear. At the same time, my "melting ice plan" is quietly beginning.
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