New Adrenalized song

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New Adrenalized song

Postby khet » Aug 22nd, '11, 19:03

Just for skatepunkers. ... miere.html

Why do some people say
that our fate is written?
that this script is already read
and that the die is cast.

Why do we all blindly believe
what they tell us 'bout you and me?
when only we know how good we are and how we want to live

Our role is simply clear and we sadly accept it, don't you see?
We think is better trying not to be out of tune, the "what people say"

We work for people that we hate, our value is squandering
We have everything to say and everything to gain.
Say loud and clear that we are here.

We live in fear, that's for sure,
(and we) resign ourselves to being used
as inert matte-paintings with nothing to say even if it's true
We are the chroma-key,
the drama starts, the audience's here
Our role is clear; we sadly accept it
-- - -

I don't know about you,
But I think that's enough complaints
don't hide behind
the excuse of "I can't change a thing"
where you are and where you want to be
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Re: New Adrenalized song

Postby Smarch Weather » Aug 22nd, '11, 19:09

It's a great song!
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Re: New Adrenalized song

Postby farting_gramps » Aug 22nd, '11, 20:39

I'll already post what I said on The song is great, but it's just a recycle of bits and pieces from Docet Umbra; you get the intro of Guerrilla Fashion, get the guitar riff from Walls of Ignorance, put some chords ala The Fabolous Story of, and you get the song done. I've always thinked that Adrenalized play really good music, but their composition is every time the same. They lack of variety and it seems it's getting difficult for them to get out of the hole.

Even their first EP, Vote for the Fake, has got much more varierty and is a more refreshing album to listen to. But even so it's ok if they always play the same kind of music as I really LOVE what they do haha.
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Re: New Adrenalized song

Postby nick83 » Aug 22nd, '11, 21:40

Lack of vocal melodies, but still love it.
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Re: New Adrenalized song

Postby peter_belvedere » Aug 24th, '11, 16:15

nick83 wrote:Lack of vocal melodies, but still love it.

+1, song (music) is great but I miss some great vocals
na na na nana na na naahhhhhh
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