Darko is releasing new album

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Darko is releasing new album

Postby ošťa » Jul 16th, '12, 11:11

Another expected album of this year. It's going to be out on 7th September. Here is their new video.

The song is great! There are a lot of great bands, do you recognize some of them? :)
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Re: Darko is releasing new album

Postby Gubernick » Jul 16th, '12, 12:56

There is power! :)
'and I feel like I knew you before
and I guess that you can hear me through this song'
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Re: Darko is releasing new album

Postby disconnectdisconnect » Jul 16th, '12, 16:56

Cant watch the video here, so not sure if it's the same version thats on Removals or not. Great tune though, and awesome band, one of the best, and most underated in the UK. Rob and Chris on guitars are insanely good.
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Re: Darko is releasing new album

Postby cradosse » Jul 17th, '12, 22:09

I only recognized Fair Do's and The Fear in it haha cool video

Really nice song, catchy, tech, and I like the nuno-like vocals :) staying tuned for the rest to come :)
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Re: Darko is releasing new album

Postby khet » Aug 30th, '12, 12:05

New song and video:

where you are and where you want to be
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