Dirty Kirst (UK, ex-Phineas Gage)

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Dirty Kirst (UK, ex-Phineas Gage)

Postby napalm » Dec 16th, '12, 07:55

Pretty unknown band, from the UK. Features Phineas Gage members. This is their sophomore album.

Released 1 December 2012


Czech it out. I just bought the album.
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Re: Dirty Kirst (UK, ex-Phineas Gage)

Postby DonLombardo » Dec 16th, '12, 10:57

Actually sounds rather good. Might buy this.
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Re: Dirty Kirst (UK, ex-Phineas Gage)

Postby d4rk0n3r0cks » Dec 20th, '12, 19:37

Sounds good! I might also get a copy!
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Re: Dirty Kirst (UK, ex-Phineas Gage)

Postby jankoprah » Dec 20th, '12, 21:03

Great discovery, thanks, man!
Bought both albums :)
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Re: Dirty Kirst (UK, ex-Phineas Gage)

Postby disconnectdisconnect » Dec 21st, '12, 15:57

Heard the name, but never checked out. Will be on my 'to listen' list.
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