Spankies (Italy)

Bands like Happy Meals, Forus, Not Available, Short On Time, etc.etc.

Spankies (Italy)

Postby .mW » May 14th, '11, 13:35


Mr. Josh (lead vocals)
Gabri (guitar and backing vocals)
Delbo (guitar)
Maicoi (drums)
Torsa (bass)


Spankies - End Of Transmissions? - 2009
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Re: Spankies (Italy)

Postby tmskatepunk » May 14th, '11, 21:40

didn't know this group.can you please recommend me more Italian bands like this one?
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Re: Spankies (Italy)

Postby khet » May 16th, '11, 19:39

The vocals reminds me to Standing Still
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Re: Spankies (Italy)

Postby krisLITFO » May 18th, '11, 16:13

The EP is fucking rad!
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Spankies (Italy)

Postby peter_belvedere » May 18th, '11, 17:08

downloaded yesterday and enjoying a lot today, thanks mW
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